Welcome to It's In The Bag
Dr. Allyson Fried-Cain provides medical script consulting to the film and television industries.


Millions of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals may be watching. Do you want them distracted by egregious errors in details? Keep medically-savvy viewers watching. We appreciate how important that critical demographic is to your advertisers!



I will review your script for accuracy and completeness concerning its medical content. While I specialize in operating room and ***, It’s In The Bag consults in any medical area. As a licensed surgeon and an experienced actor, I know how to make all medical situations, procedures, and interpersonal dynamics appear real.

  • Fees are discussed at the time of consultation and the first consultation is ___.
  • All consultations are confidential and no information is shared with outside parties.
  • I read and analyze your script thoroughly for medical accuracy.
  • I explain clearly how procedures are best performed and assess the set for authenticity of the medical environment.
  • I actively aid in brainstorming ideas for medical situations to enhance your script and to increase realism.
  • I research the medical conditions and facts.  Our decades of surgical experience and access to the latest medical texts and prestigious journals help ensure that your production is accurate.